2021 Calendar

Live Screening:

She Kills Monsters

We will host a live screening of our fall play production for friends and family at 7:30pm on May 14 (Dungeons Cast) and May 15 (Dragons Cast) at the Greek theatre on campus. Purchase your e-ticket today!

Public Domain 2021

Les Public Misérables

Streaming June 4th & 5th

Les Public

Misérables 2021

This year, we will be producing three songs from Les Misérables. This will be an opportunity for students to perform these songs in an ensemble style production. Students will learn and workshop their vocal performances with pit orchestra accompaniment. The vocals will then be added to the music video style performance which will be virtually produced and streamed with Public Domain. Les Public Misérables 2021will stream June 4th and 5th.

For Students

Public Domain

Thank you to all student actors, dancers, directors, musicians, filmmakers, comedians, poets, and magicians that auditioned in February. We are now preparing for our annual Public Domain event.

Public Domain Performances

Stream June 4th & 5th